dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

My dress for the wedding #Anna Rachele!!

I had to go to a wedding in Istanbul, so I had to buy a nice dress. It's one of Anna Rachele!!!! It's an Italian brand (yeah, Italy stole my heart, so Anna Rachele too). It was love at first sight! I love the python-look a lot and I didn't had a green dress allready. With my the dark colour of my hair I'm sure it is the right choice! I couldn't wait to wear it and now I'm twittering with Anna Rachele :-))
They asked to see it on me and I posted a pic. The tweet was:  we love our dress on you! And great styling! xxx 

whieieie I love to read that! So me happy. Now, I promised a post about the outfit... So, here it is!

I did my own hairdo: a little taupage

with my CHANEL-handbag (FOR LIFE!) * nude shoes with snake leather 
* diamonds on the dress * nude earrings of Fiva (bought at the Lilola-shop in Bruges)
* bracelet in rosé gold bought in Canasta Zedelgem

I have pink nails (fingers and toes)
My make up is nude too: 
the dress is the most important of my total outfit!!!

Do love it that much like me too? 

with style

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