woensdag 29 augustus 2012

ISTANBUL: the wedding!

The wedding: it was wonderful! So great! Nele, the bride was wearing a short (yes! nice, isn't it a surprise?!) dress in ... white off course. It was made by a Spanish designer but she bought it in Belgium.
She was stunning! I really loved it.
At the church
The location was also very nice: an old building at the outside but inside it was ultramodern with a lot of glass. 

 Nele threw her bouquet away... but nevertheless... I didn't catch it :(

First, we ate salmon carpaccio, then raviolli with yoghurt. The maindish was beef and patatoes. For dessert it was vanilla ice and pear. Later on, there was a wedding cake. 

I took some pics of the ladies in the house and their dresses ;-) Oh, i loved it to watch all that fashion!

Adorable, not?!

with style

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  1. Komt er dan een blogpost over die andere kleedjes (van de andere gasten)? ;-)