maandag 27 augustus 2012


Aha, another relaxing day: some of us went to the hammam (sorry, no pics allowed) to relax and enjoy the heat, soaping and massage.
In the afternoon, we did a boattrip. Louis, Nele's father, organised all of that. He's so great, i love him! Her parents are so kind!

 My BFF's: Charlotte - (me)- Evelyn - Liselotte in front and Valerie
* Tine and me (Tine is the sister of the bride)

 a nice view * me and my love

 Dad Louis with the red hat

On the boat on the Bosphorus we had an aperitif and dinner by sunset. Another great experience if you ask me. I loved it so much! The day after I was still turning in my head when I was eating my breakfast.
There was some music but then... the party broke! What a hell of a night! Papa Louis asked the captain for another hour so we could dance more!! It was wonderfull!
Then, there was a little suprise: a bellydancer! She was gorgeous and I think I'm not the only one who's thinking the same ;-)

dancing * Peter and me * chatting with Caroline * 
dancing * Caroline reads my blog (thank you!) * the beautiful dancing 

Tomorrow I write about the wedding day and the outfits. There were a lot of lovely dressed, so I think it will take more than one post about dresses ;-) But do you care?

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  1. Leuke foto's! Dat moet een te gekke ervaring zijn geweest. Turquoise staat je beeldschoon!