vrijdag 24 augustus 2012


Istanbul!!! OMG, what a city! I have to write in English (sorry for mistakes!) because it was a very international trip. The guests came all over the world to be on the wedding of Nele and Denis. Nele is my friend since highschool and she fell in love with Denis, a Turkisch guy from Istanbul. So they get married in Belgium and the big party was in Istanbul. We decided to go! What an experience! So, we went of for 6 days with the family of Nele and some other friends.
We stayed all 40 in the same hotel. On Thursday, another 50 persons came over from Belgium. On the weddingparty, we count 300 persons allover the world.

The hotel was very nice: a njummie breakfast (!), a sunny terrace on the roof with a view over the Bosphorus, very clean and friendly. I was a happy woman: no cooking, no spreading the bed, no washing,....

sandwiches on the bus 
Blue Mosque-view on the roof of the hotel 
dinner at the hotel * I ate ravioli with yoghurt 
Blue Mosque and Aya Sofia by night and day

The first night we ate at the restaurant of the hotel. After that, we did a little walk in the city to look at the Blue Mosque by night. It was Ramadan, so you can believe me: there were a lot of people outside!
Then we went to sleep... but at 5 am I woke up because of singing Turkisch men out of the Mosque: time to pray! Oh boy, too early for me ;-)

The second day, we went back to the Blue Mosque by day and took a look inside also. Aya Sofia is near the Blue Mosque, so we did that too. Aya Sofia was built in +/- 400 as a church, but 1000 years later the turned it to a Mosque. There is a whole history about it. Now it is a museum.

Every night we went out for dinner. For example: Griliti, it's a Turkish-Greek restaurant. It was a fixed menu with a lot of mezze (starters), a main dish and dessert.

me and the BF

So, what do you think about our first day? Kind a cultural day, not?
Next, you can read is a day to Taksim and Suada-Club: shopping and relaxing... Oh I want to go back!

with style

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  1. Wow amazing foto's! Ziet er echt heel leuk uit, ik wil ook al best lang naar Istanbul!

    1. tx! moet je zeker es doen! is echt de moeite en we hebben nog niet alles gedaan

  2. Leuke foto's, moet echt wel eens tof zijn zo een huwelijk in het buitenland, en dan bijna een volledig hotel vol mensen die je min of meer kent ;)