donderdag 30 augustus 2012

Istanbul: another fashionpics #dresses!!!

And finally the dresses! Dresses! Dresses! Fashion baby!! I had the time of my life looking at the other dresses :-)) Now, you can enjoy with me too! Witch is your favorite? Mine is (I think Deborah), the Italian girl with the pink dress and the black mini-hat. She is my nr. 1 of the nicest dress that night.
I hope you don't mind I used the pics.

 oepsie, one shoe is missing ;-)

 my nr.1 dress / couple

 Turkish friends of Denis - my BF with Kobe, the baby

 Nele's parents * Tine, Nele's sister and Christophe (adorable shoes!!!)

 grandma of Nele : she is wonderfull! 85 years old, I wanna be like her that age! 
* charlotte and baby in the belly with Peter

My nr. 2: nice dress in white and black with a touch of gold. I love the dress!
another pregnant belly, in fact 2!! But the lady in blue is only 12 weeks, the belly was still flat ;-) 
Annemieke had also a nice hairdo done by Caroline, but my pics aren't that good... :(

 I have the same dress in white (from Zara) I wore it the night at the discobar on the roof (you can read it here) So she is my nr. 3

 some aunts and nieces of Nele
Nele's familly and me * Belgian friends of Nele ready for the boattrip on Friday

What do you like? What's your top 3?

with style

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  1. Allemaal chique volk! precies een prinses die trouwt! keuze genoeg aan mooie outfits!