zaterdag 25 augustus 2012


So, I wrote yesterday that I went shopping! Offcourse, we went to the Grand Bazaar but I was a little disappointed... It was huge, but all the shops were the same: jewelry, bags, shoes (not a lot), perfume, clothes,... but not the most fashionable of this times. Burberry and Ralph Lauren, owkay, it's classic and of all times. But I want to see more. Maybe the expections were too high? ;-))

Taksim is more my cup of tea: a real city! It looks a bit like the "Meir" of Antwerp with several shops like we know. Then my eyes saw MAC and Sephora. Like a magnet I went inside and bought some stuff at Sephora. The content of my bag is a surprise ;-) I will write another post of it soon.

After (window)shopping, we went to Suada-club for a swim at the fancy pool! OMG!
SO FANCY! SO MY CUP OF TEA! I JUST LOVED IT! This club is expensive, they want to keep it exclusive. You have to travel with a ferry, it has 6 chique restaurants and you have to me dressed up to eat there. When you see the pics, I'm sure you think the same like me about it (and if you are not, then you're jealous ;-) Sorry! Just kiddin')

on the ferry to the club * the suada-club * me and the BF

check it out! cute guy = my David Hasselhof ;-) * mmmm njammie toast with French fries

For dinner we ate at a typical Turkish restaurant. For starter we took the mixed plate and a cheese plate. My maindish was lamb with vegetables. After dinner we went to a discobar on a roof of a building. So amazing! The view was great! So great! And we danced till it was closed ;-)

 cheese plate (for 4p) * steak salade (BF's dish) * lamb (mine) * mixed plate (for 4p as starter)

 Nu Terrace = discobar on the roof! FUN FUN FUN and dance!

I was wearing a white dress of Zara and high heels sandals with studs * drinking a mojito *dancing

What do you think about day 2?

with style

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. Argh, turkije heeft een sephora en wij niet ? What is wrong with this world :p !

  2. OMG!!! Wish I was there!!

  3. Wat leuk om daar te vertoeven!! Staat ook op mijn verlanglijstje!!

  4. Zoveel toffe winkels!!
    En zoveel lekker eten :p