zondag 27 januari 2013

Anna Rachele #thenewcollection

Now and then I have a Tweet-relation with Anna Rachele, an Italian brand. Last year I fell in love with a green snakeprinted dress of Anna Rachele (you can read here). They loved my blogpost en told me I was stunning in it. Me happy of course!

The new collection is out and I am glad I can give you a preview of it. Thé colour of this summer is turqouise, but i like also the black and white-collection. Also the printed version got my attention. I am sure that the tigerprint is something for life, something timeless! Look and see...

 black and white
 prints! also on the bags and other accessoiries #gold

animalprints #rrrrr #miauw 

Am I right or am i right?

with style

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